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About Us

Sight and Life is a humanitarian nutrition think tank working toward a world free of malnutrition. We champion the global fight against malnutrition by advancing research, sharing best practices, and mobilizing support.

Sight and Life is at the forefront of advancing science and building the evidence base for micronutrients, as well as advocating for better nutrition and health for the world’s most vulnerable populations.  

Our Mission
To innovate in nutrition towards eradicating malnutrition in women of childbearing age and their children, and so improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

The Changing Nutrition Landscape
The nutrition landscape is changing rapidly. We now have broad consensus on the interventions required to eliminate malnutrition, and the world has recognized the need for rapid scale-up of already proven nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions. The focus is now on implementing solutions and developing more innovations, and this is the new frontier for nutrition. Sight and Life is focused on ensuring evidence-based advocacy, capacity building, and leadership development, and improvements in program implementation for maternal, infant, and young child nutrition (MIYCN) to ensure that we improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable populations.


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Eliminating Malnutrition

Undernutrition is responsible for almost half (45%) of all child deaths under five. Nearly two billion people worldwide cannot access or afford sufficient nutritious foods, and therefore live with a chronic shortage of vital micronutrients - a condition known as hidden hunger which prevents them ever reaching their full mental, physical and economic potential.  

We can change this. We know which interventions work to improve nutrition. Optimal nutrition—whether through dietary diversification, supplementation or fortification - improves maternal, infant and young child health and increases a country’s GDP by up to 8%. That’s why Sight and Life has worked to improve nutrition globally for nearly 30 years.