Sight and Life Magazine 30(1)/2016

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Focus on Food Systems

A food system considers the multiple activities, resources and actors engaged in producing, processing, distributing and consuming food. These are all shaped by, and interact with, every- thing from soup to nuts – i.e., all the environmental, social, political and economic boundary conditions that determine what type of food can be produced where, how it is used, and by whom. All these elements are strongly influenced by global change drivers such as population growth, changing consumption patterns, biodiversity loss, and climate change. Given that our food systems are already struggling to bring home the bacon (i.e., to deliver on their intended outcomes of global food and nutrition security) these increasing pressures will catapult our tasks out of the frying pan and into the fire. 

 In order to ensure food and nutrition security for all, it is important to look at the issues in an integrated manner. This of course does not exclude the essential need for expert knowledge, but it does suggest that we need to spend more time understanding how issues are connected, their root causes, and where critical leverage points might be. This calls for greater exchange across disciplines, sectors and scales, and for new ways of thinking and working. We are grateful to the contributors to this issue for providing some food for thought about such approaches.


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Please find here the individual chapters in chronological order:

  Guest editorial(Kalpana Beesabathuni and Michelle Grant)

  Infograph How can governments support

  Making Stunting a Development Indicator

  Household Consumption and Expenditure Surveys

  Resilience in Food Systems

  Sustainable Food Systems for a Healthy World

  Non-Communicable Diseases, Food Systems

  The Multiple Burdens of Malnutrition

  Setting New Frontiers for 21st Century Food Systems

  Innovative Financing for Nutrition

  Improving Nutritious Food Systems by Establishing

  To Feed Ten Billion, Crop Yields Have to Rise

  China’s Nutrition Activities in Africa

  The Protein Challenge 2040

  The Role of Animal Nutrition in Sustainable

  Food Waste in the Developing World

  Dr Urban Jonsson (1944–2016)

  A Day in the Life of Patrizia Fracassi

  The Lazio Declaration

  The 2nd International Conference on Global Food Security

  Tackling Food System Challenges

  Technical Meeting on EED, the Microbiome

  Nutrition for Sustainable Development

  Technology and the Future of Food

  Tackling Malnutrition through Food Systems

  Key Findings from the European Commission

  African Countries Commit to Improve Vitamin A

  Some Common Myths Associated with Food Debunked

  What’s New

  Reviews & Notices