Sight and Life Magazine 29(2)/2015

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Goodbyes MDGs

Hello SDGs


Goodbye to the Millennium Development Goals

Nutrition has come a long way since the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) came into being in 2000 following the adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration. It was a slow process, but nutrition has come to be recognized by the World Bank as being core to development, and we have seen its critical role underscored by the prestigious medical journal The Lancet and the respected Copenhagen Consensus. Nobel laureates, economists, high-profile politicians and even His Holiness the Pope have spoken up for nutrition. And now we have the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, launched by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Irish Foreign Minister Micheál Martin, that has really generated attention, commitments and actions. So there was some sense of sadness as we said goodbye to the opportunity the MDGs gave nutrition – a sadness compounded by the harsh reality that the world did not achieve the goals that were set and that, despite some progress being made, there is much work left unfinished.

Hello to the Sustainable Development Goals

Thus the “hello” to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and all that they mean for nutrition in the post-2015 era is also poignant. In the true meaning of the word, this injunction requires that we come to a stop or cease what we have been doing. It requires us to look back at what we have achieved and to be open about where, how and why we have failed. And then to move forward with innovations that attract new and revitalized attention and action for nutrition.

This issue of the magazine is filled with interesting reading that looks both backward (goodbye) and forward (hello):  

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  Guest Editorial (Jane Badham)

  Infograph Nutrition: at the Heart of the SDGs

  Food for Thought: Let us Not be Diverted From Our Great Cause

Perspectives in Nutrition Science:

  Integrating Formative Research into Nutrition Interventions

  Vitamin A Induces Long-Term Epigenetic Modifications in the Innate Immune System
Vitamin A and Epigenetic Modifications: Observations by Keith P West:
Vitamin A and Epigenetic Modifications and Observations by Charles B Stephensen

  Conversion of Dietary Carotenoids and Vitamin A into Bioactive Retinoids: Exploring trails blazed by Jim Olson

  The Challenges of Scaling Up Multiple Micronutrient Interventions

The Global Nutrition Agenda:

  Nutrition: A Critical Pathway to the Achievement of the New Global Goals

  Transparency and Accountability for Improving Global Governance in Nutrition

  Reflections on Nutrition Leadership Capacity Development

  The Future of the SUN Movement in Light of the Sustainable Development Goals

  The Sustainable Development Goals: The role of ethics

  Back to the Future with the Global Goals

  Getting Locals to Eat More Vegetables in Mozambique

  Obituary: D John Shaw (1934–2015)

  The Bigger Picture: A Day in the Life of Tom Arnold

Field Reports

  Anemia in Children Under 5 Years of Age in Cameroon: A silent burden at the core of a rural-urban rivalry

  My Time as an Intern at Sight and Life

  Implementation of Multiple Irish Aid-Funded Orange Flesh Sweet Potato Projects

  United Nations 53rd Graduate Study Program

Congress Reports

  Financing for Development: Mobilizing leadership and investment in nutrition

  Carotenoids Research Interaction Group (CARIG) 2015 Conference

  Nutrition in Africa at the Crossroads



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