Sharing Best Practice

Sight and Life develops and disseminates information on best practice relating to micronutrients and malnutrition incorporating the latest research, for a wide variety of audiences. We support and engage in relevant conferences, workshops, and symposia, and disseminate knowledge and best practice through publications, books, and manuals.

Sight and Life Magazine: a platform for information sharing

The Sight and Life magazine, our flagship publication, is published bi-annually and provides a platform for information sharing, which is respected and valued within the nutrition community. It not only includes scientific knowledge about micronutrient nutrition and health, but also shares news on recent nutrition events, reports on key congresses, and advances from the laboratory to the field.  

Edward Tandingan, Helen Keller International, Phillipines:
“Portraying the priority issues on micronutrient malnutrition and presenting what could be done at international, national and local levels to address these issues.” 

Judy D. Ribaya-Mercado, Tufts University, USA:
“Disseminate relevant information; inspire scientists of all ages, especially those in developing nations, on improving nutrition and public health.”

The Sight and Life team also publishes peer-reviewed scientific research articles, blogs, commentary pieces, and books, with the goal of knowledge sharing. All of our published works are available to access in the » Sight and Life library.



The African Nutrition Leadership Programme: funding assistance and human resources

Sight and Life has leadership development as a key focus.  The Scaling Up Nutrition movement has created an unprecedented awareness and willingness to act at a global and national level to implement proven nutrition interventions. Attention to building the capacity required to successfully lead and manage implementation through the required effective multi-sectoral teams has, however, largely been neglected.

Since its inception over a decade ago, over 300 participants have passed through the African Nutrition Leadership Programme (ANLP), which has now expanded to offer a wider variety of leadership training modules specifically adapted to suit individual contexts. Sight and Life is committed to the aims and work of the ANLP in believing that future leaders in the field of nutrition are essential in order to move forward and tackle the challenges ahead. We provide funding and human resource to assist the ANLP, and together we are exploring other ANLP leadership development opportunities. 

As the ANLP has grown in size and reputation, opportunities for training have arisen in a number of settings. These include the Kenyan National Food Fortification Alliance, and the multi-sectoral Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) teams in SUN countries. Country nutrition leadership training, a novel approach to increasing leadership capacity development, is being piloted in Zambia with funding support.

As part of a memorandum of understanding with United Nations Childrens's Fund (UNICEF), we are also working with the East Africa regional office and the ANLP to undertake a pilot program. This aims to develop a larger capacitated group to train implementation teams in basic management skills, and unleash and develop the leadership capabilities, which are critical to implement programs within the Scaling Up Nutrition.


Bambanani Early Learning Centres: investing in tomorrow

Sight and Life offers support to a growing number of early learning centers in the Mpumelanga province in South Africa, which are supported by The Friends of Bambanani Foundation (» Established in low resource communities, the centers provide children with a foundation for their future development.

One of Bambanani’s goals is to ensure that all centers include a feeding program, so that healthy nutrition is included at this critical time in the children’s development. Sight and Life supports Bambanani by piloting the use of an instant MixMe™ multiple micronutrient porridge in selected schools with limited kitchen facilities, but a safe water supply, to improve the children’s nutritional status.

Eva Monterrosa:

“Malnutrition is a socially constructed phenomenon, organized around income, gender, education, and ethnicity. Advocacy for nutrition must be advocacy for equity, and for eliminating the broader social factors that continue to feed malnutrition as a social problem.”

Home Fortification Technical Advisory Group (HF-TAG): implementing and supporting micronutrient programs

Sight and Life helped to establish the global network known as the Home Fortification Technical Advisory Group (HF-TAG) and is now one of its members. HF-TAG comprises organizations implementing or supporting the scale-up of home fortification programs. It includes United Nations (UN) agencies, academia, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the producers of home fortification products.

HF-TAG’s mission is to facilitate the implementation of well-designed and effective home fortification interventions at scale. As such, it provides guidance based on the best available evidence and current best practices, by developing manuals and standards such as the special Home fortification with micronutrient powders supplement.


Micronutrient Forum: an essential catalyst and convener

Sight and Life supports the new Micronutrient Forum and its critical role as an important catalyst and convener. The Micronutrient Forum is a consultative group, which brings together people from a wide array of sectors who share an interest in reducing micronutrient malnutrition – including researchers, policy-makers, program implementers, and the private sector.  

The Micronutrient Forum facilitates dialogue, fosters collaboration, and disseminates up-to-date research to improve the design and implementation of scalable programs, and identify and facilitate the filling of key evidence gaps.



Tshwaranang, South Africa: providing daily MixMe™ towards creating brighter futures

Sight and Life supports three projects which are overseen by the Tshwaranang Foundation in Ivory Park, one of the poorest townships between Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa.

Sedimosang Day Care Center provides daily crèche facilities to some 150 children. Sight and Life provide Sedimosang with MixMe™ multiple micronutrient powder (MNP). This is added to the daily lunch, to help ensure that these vulnerable children receive the essential micronutrients which are missing from their diet. 

Ebomeni School is a primary school serving 1,500 children from the Ivory Park community. Sight and Life helped build and fit out the school kitchen, so that each child can receive a daily meal. We provide MixMe™ MNP, which is added to the meal—for many, often the day’s first and possibly only cooked meal.

Drake Koka School is a relatively new primary school in Ivory Park. Sight and Life supports the school feeding scheme with Mix Me™ MNP, which is added to the daily lunch meal to provide the micronutrients necessary for the children’s growth and development.  

Eusebia Nono Khotle, Catering Supervisor, Ebomeni Primary School:

“These are all my children—I know them all, and I know which ones need special care. It’s painful when kids come and tell you that they have no food at home; children should not have to go to bed without food. My biggest challenge is when the delivery of food fails to arrive, or the cooking gas runs out before the next tank has been delivered. I love to work with people—the children, teachers and community. No child has ever been sick as a result of the food served at school—even the headmaster and teachers come to get lunch from us. And since Sight and Life has been providing the micronutrient powder that is added to the lunch meal, fewer kids are sick: it is definitely helping to keep ‘my’ children healthy and strong.”



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