Our Work

Advancing Research: initiating and supporting research

Sight and Life contributes to the latest evidence, advancing nutrition through initiating and supporting research. We stimulate and participate in discussions with eminent researchers and other stakeholders to highlight urgent topics for nutrition research.  

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Sharing Best Practices: a pledge to share and increase nutrition knowledge

Sight and Life develops and disseminates information on best practice relating to micronutrients and malnutrition, which incorporates the latest research, for a wide variety of audiences. We support and engage in relevant conferences, workshops, and symposia, and disseminate knowledge and best practice through publications, books, and manuals.

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Mobilizing Support: advocacy and partnerships for nutrition awareness

Sight and Life is dedicated to accelerating the uptake and impact of nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions towards improving the lives of the most vulnerable. We believe that it is critical that nutrition remains high on the global development agenda, and that multi-sectoral linkages are grown and strengthened. We therefore partner with others to advocate for nutrition at all levels - global, regional and national.

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