About Us

We care about the world’s most vulnerable populations and exist to help improve their nutritional status.

Guided by our vision of a world free of malnutrition, we act as their advocates; we guide original nutrition research, disseminate its findings and facilitate dialog to bring about positive change.

Our Purpose

We believe that the right mix of funding, knowledge, technology, and enabling policy will help ensure that nutrition is delivered to those most in need of a significant and sustainable improvement to their health and well-being. In fact, we have championed the global fight against micronutrient deficiencies - hidden hunger - ever since our foundation as a humanitarian initiative in 1986.

We work to ensure this through our three strategic areas which are to » advance research, » share best practice, and » mobilize support for the undernourished people of the world.

Our History: spearheading vitamin A nutrition

Ever since its creation in 1986, Sight and Life has been at the forefront of global efforts to improve vitamin A nutrition. Originally a purely humanitarian program, today we serve as a nutrition think tank.

Sight and Life was set up in 1986 as a humanitarian program by F Hoffman-LaRoche Ltd. This was in response to the famine and severe vitamin A deficiency that struck Ethiopia and what is, today, Eritrea. As the pioneer of the synthesis of vitamin A, the company well understood the link between vitamin A deficiency and eye disorders. It therefore made available, free of charge, the oily vitamin A solution necessary for the manufacture of vitamin A capsules. Dispensed widely in the famine-stricken region, these capsules saved thousands of children from the immediate threat of nutrition-related blindness and death.

In 2003, we were transferred to DSM, a global science-based company (» https://www.dsm.com/corporate/about/business-entities/dsm-nutritional-products.html) active in health, nutrition and materials, after the acquisition of Roche’s vitamins and fine chemicals division, and increasingly Sight and Life moved to the status of a nutrition think-tank. We enjoy full strategic independence from our parent organization.

Over the years, we have widened our focus to include other essential micronutrients. We recognize the impact on human health of multiple micronutrient deficiencies and their interactions. We also provide technical assistance in the fields of nutritional anemia and hidden hunger, and of emerging issues such as the double burden of malnutrition.